Sarah Palin Spoils ‘Dancing’ Winner on Twitter

Former Alaska governor announces winner 40 minutes before show even starts in Wasilla

While the East Coast media elite learned the winner of "Dancing with the Stars" before much of the country — since the show, you know, airs earlier on the East Coast — many within it went to great lengths not to spoil the winner for people in other time zones.

The same could not be said for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who congratulated the winner on Twitter a full 40 minutes before the show even started on the West Coast — or in Bristol Palin's hometown of Wasilla, Alaska.

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"Well, what a great ride!" Palin tweeted at 11:20 ET, after the winner had been revealed on the East Coast and East Coast only. "Competition is good for everyone. Be inspired by those who step up to challenges & improve w/each step; Congrats [name deleted to avoid revealing winner]!"

Responded one Twitterer: "Thanks for ruining the ending for all the West Coast and Rocky Mtn viewers."

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Given the sensitivity of TV spoilers, and out of an abiding respect for every region of America, from the nation's breadbasket to the sun-kissed Southwest to the rugged Pacific Coast to the sturdy small towns of Alaska, many online writers use phrases like "Spoiler Alert" or "Spoiler Warning" before disclosing news of import to readers.

Of course Palin wasn't the only person to prematurely reveal how her daughter did — and we won't tell you who won unless you click here — but she was perhaps the highest-profile ruiner of surprises.