10 Things We Learned About Sarah Silverman on Reddit

The raunchy comic took to the social network on Thursday to chat with fans and promote her new HBO special

Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 8:05 PM

Foul-mouthed funny lady Sarah Silverman hosted a no-holds-barred “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit Thursday, chatting with fans about her everything from her favorite traffic sign to her dislike of 3D glasses. The comedienne, whose HBO special airs Saturday night, admitted she sometimes feels threatened by the backlash her often dirty — very, very dirty — humor creates.

“But I’m still alive so I’m still gonna express myself as I see fit as I encourage you to do as well,” Silverman wrote.

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Here are 10 more highlights from Silverman’s chat with her Reddit fans:

1. The bad girl likes good boys.
Redditor jufurry asked, “Batman or Superman?” to which Silverman responded “Superman.” To be fair, given the choice between Henry “Buns of Steel” Cavill and, well, anyone else, her choice makes sense.

2. Her dog died 3 months ago.
Sad. But he lived a long happy life of 19 years!

3. “Slow Children” is Silverman’s favorite traffic sign.
It just works on so many levels.

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4. What Would Sarah Do?
Tattoo a fan, if asked. Silverman actually tattooed a fan once, for real. “WWSD” (What Would Sarah Do) is now permanently etched on that guy’s leg.

5. Silverman has known she was meant to be a comic her whole life.
“I made a bunch if grown ups laugh and my arms itched with this kind of pure joy,” she wrote. But it took her a long time – “About 6 years” – to finally get comfortable with her standup routine.

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6. If you want to say hi, don’t be weird about it.
Sarah’s least favorite way to be approached? “When someone comes up w/ crazy eyes and says something like, ‘Can I have a picture – my husband has cancer.’ And I’m like ‘well okay… AS LONG AS HE HAS CANCER I guess I will’ — just keep it short and be cool, fool.”

7. Silverman doesn’t drink. Alcohol, at least.
She told Redditor stephwithstars she’d come have a beer in Portland as long as that beer was a “spicy ginger ale” instead.

8. Sarah must love the gastrologically-challenged Jennifer Lawrence as much as the rest of us.
CoreyFeldmanHero asked when the last time Silverman shit her pants was. Her response: “What’s today?”

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9. The best way to recharge her funny bone, which she recommends for other comics who feel low on creative energy.
“I have days in a row of not talking out loud, staying in, sleeping, letting myself be low.” Sounds good for anyone, anytime, always.

10. Sarah probably didn’t see Alfonso Cuaron’s 3D masterpiece “Gravity” in all its intended splendor.
“I don’t like wearing those reusable 3D glasses. You have to assume they are covered w/ dried semen and fecal matter and I don’t want to put that near my eyes,” Silverman wrote.