‘SNL’ Star Sasheer Zamata Sells Hummus, Racial Harmony in ‘Black Mad Men’ (Video)

The newest cast member of the late night series features in a new web series along with friends from UCB, including “Key & Peele” writer Phil Augusta Jackson

She’s graduated to the biggest — and busiest — stage in television comedy, but Sasheer Zamata is still finding time to churn out quality satire on the internet.

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The New York-based stand-up and improv performer’s latest project is the bluntly and accurately titled “Black Mad Men,” which, if it isn’t clear enough, is about a “Mad Men”-style advertising firm… staffed by black people.

In the first episode, Zamata — who plays Peggyliqua Oldschool — is joined by Shaun Diston (as Patron Kwambell) and series writer/director Phil Augusta Jackson (Dontrell Dresser) in a pitch to a very white Hummus entrepreneur named Luke (played by Anthony Appruzzese).

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What makes this video both funny and sort of depressing is that it’s not hard to imagine many company executives being just as clueless about non-white consumers as the chickpea slinger in the first episode of “Black Mad Men.”