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Saying Merry Christmas, the John Waters Way

Guest Blog: Independent filmmaker John Waters offered season's greeting in his inimitable style

I was X-ed off John Waters’ Christmas card mailing list for being too naughty by publishing my book, “Low Budget Hell,” but I still treasure his old cards.

This is not exactly a card, but an actual, full-size blown-glass working Christmas tree ornament, with a rubber roach inside. It’s the only non-paper card greeting he ever sent.

Now that his mailing list tops 2,000 names, of course it would be too expensive to send such a wonderful trinket.

I haven’t seen photos of it published, but it should be admired by the world, so here is a Christmas gift to all the fans.


Robert Maier worked with John Waters for 15 years on five of his early movies. He was also line producer on a dozen other low-budget films in the 1970s and '80s in New York and Baltimore before shifting his career to making public TV documentaries. His memoir, "Low Budget Hell: Making Underground Movies," was just published and is available from Amazon and other booksellers world-wide. His blog, regularly updated regularly with new underground movie stories, is www.robertmaier.us

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