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‘Scandal’ Star Scott Foley Under Fire After Trump Tweet Saying ‘We Did This’

”who is this ‘we’ you speak of…white people did this. This is y’all president y’all chose him. Yes, y’all,“ said one irate user

“Scandal” actor Scott Foley is catching some flack on Twitter after tweeting that “we” are responsible for President Donald Trump.

“This. Is. our. President. We chose him. Yes, we,” Foley tweeted, and Twitter descended.

Foley, it should be noted, tweeted the message after several others wherein he criticized Trump, saying, “Ranting and raving. Also, a bully…. Uranium. Nuclear weapons. And lots of other bad stuff… Not good.” But Twitter was laser-focused on what it took to be some kind of support for the President, flooding Foley’s timeline with outrage.

Apparently playing along, Foley has retweeted many of the best responses.

“Shut the fuck up Jake Ballard,” said one irate user, referencing Foley’s “Scandal” character. “You ugly ass cracker. No wonder Olivia wants nothing to do with ur stupid ass.”

“Thank God Fitz was always my n—-,” said another. “F— Jake.”

“YOU, my friend, are cancelled,” added one more. “i never liked your ass on scandal anyway. choke.”

Actress Aisha Tyler came to Foley’s defense, saying to some detractors,” I think you didn’t understand what he intended to say. I think you are very, very confused.”

Of course, that just caused more drama, with one user saying, “Don’t come to his rescue. We all understand what he said and he’s wrong. 94% didn’t choose him. So there’s no we.”

Later, Foley tried to clarify things, saying in two messages, “Feel as if maybe that tweet needed a *smh at the end…Or an *i can’t believe that* at the beginning. Although the tweets that immediately preceded it should’ve spoken volumes.”

See below for a sampling of tweets in response to Foley’s tweet.

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