Scarborough Slams Trump’s Pennsylvania Speech: Like ‘a Mussolini Rally’

The remarks continue the host’s comparing of Donald Trump to 20th century dictators

Joe Scarborough was no fan of Donald Trump’s speech in Pennsylvania on Saturday, saying the whole affair looked like something out of 20th century fascism.

“He actually talked about the fake media. He got people booing. The booing is getting stronger by the day whenever he goes out there and whips up like it’s a Mussolini rally,” said Scarborough on Monday’s “Morning Joe.”

“Yes, that’s what I said,” Scarborough clarified to Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, who chuckled at the suggestion.

Scarborough elaborated.

“There is certainly nothing American about what Donald Trump did in Pennsylvania when he tries to turn an entire audience, whether it’s against Katy Tur or whether it’s against Chuck Todd or this weekend he went after Maggie Haberman,” he said.

“When you’re in rallies like that and you whip your supporters into a frenzy, there are real-life consequences to that. Threats follow, often death threats.”

Over the weekend, President Trump headed into his base’s heartland in rural Pennsylvania and delivered one of his more memorable speeches since winning the 2016 presidential election. Reviving the old stump schtick, Trump offered the media a particular tongue lashing, lacing into “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd calling him “sleepy eyes” and a “son of a bitch.”

Trump also unveiled his 2020 presidential campaign slogan, “Keep America Great,” suggesting the race, almost three years out, is very much on his mind.

For Scarborough’s part, the Mussolini comparison continues in the tradition of “Morning Joe” of comparing Trump to 20th century dictators. In the past, Scarborough, or a number of supporting characters, have said Trump or his policies resembled Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot.

Watch above.