Scott Eastwood Apologizes to His Dead Girlfriend’s Father

“Suicide Squad” star failed to offer his condolences after fatal 2014 car crash

scott eastwood
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Scott Eastwood has made amends with the father of his former girlfriend, apologizing for not offering his condolences after she tragically died in 2014 at age 26.

Jewel Brangman’s father, Alexander Brangman, told People that the “Suicide Squad” actor called him on Tuesday.

“He said ‘I didn’t reach out because I didn’t know what to say,’” Brangman recalled. “He was very apologetic.”

Brangman told People that he was “hurt” by the actor’s initial silence, adding, “I was disappointed he didn’t come to her celebration of life. Many people were actually disappointed. Many of her friends flew across the country to pay their respects and condolences. There wasn’t even a flower sent.”

During an interview with GQ Australia, Eastwood revealed the death of his former girlfriend. While he didn’t name her, she was subsequently identified as model Jewel Brangman, who perished due to a faulty air bag following a fender bender.

In the interview, Eastwood lamented that he had yet to offer his condolences to her father, admitting, “I still haven’t found the right words.”

While Brangman ultimately forgave Eastwood, he did express disappointment in the actor for publicly discussing his daughter’s death without consulting him first. “I don’t think he handled the situation properly,” Brangman said.

Brangman added that he and Eastwood agreed to meet at a future point, though no date was set.

“Maybe someday that’ll happen,” Brangman said. “If we do get together, that could be something interesting. If he wants to confide in me the struggles he’s been going through in regards to their relationship and her passing, I’ll be more than glad to counsel him.”