‘Scream Queens’ Shocking Revelations From Beyond the Grave Heat Up Social Media

Water slides in hell are filled with razor blades, and “there are no dinosaurs,” Ariana Grande’s Chanel No. 2 reveals


(Spoiler alert: Please do not read on if you haven’t watched Tuesday’s episode of “Scream Queens”)

Even death can’t shut up TV’s bitchiest sorority — and on Tuesday’s “Scream Queens,” one member of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority had gone to her grave but she was still spilling secrets.

Episode 7 of Fox’s horror-comedy saw the welcome return — literally — of Ariana Grande — whose one-liners from hell quickly began trending on social media. “According to Chanel number 2, Jesus broke in and stole all the dinosaurs,” one Twitter user marveled.

When Chanel No. 2’s (Grande) parents learned that their daughter’s dead body had been found, they went on a cruise to celebrate, leaving Chanel (Emma Roberts) to plan her funeral, arrange to have the ashes shot into space, and remind everyone that she was a “dumb, dead whore.”

“We are gathered here today because a back-stabbing bitch got exactly what was coming to her,” Chanel said during the least emotional eulogy ever.

“Have fun being dead No. 2, you were a stupid little trollop, I hope you are burning in hell right now.”

Even the dead can’t rest in “Scream Queens,” however, and the girls soon contacted their fallen sorority sister via a ouija board.

The first revelations from beyond the grave that Chad was cheating on Chanel didn’t go down well, and neither did the news that her minions were plotting a deadly mutiny. However, the biggest bombshell was that hell really is no vacation.

“Despite what you’ve heard, it’s not fun — yes, there are water slides but they are lined with razor blades and you splash down into boiling pee,” Chanel No. 2 told Chanel in a ghostly vision. “Also, there are no dinosaurs.”

“As soon as I got there I was like ‘Where are the dinosaurs?’ They were like, ‘We know. Jesus broke in and stole them.”

As for dishing about Chad, the dead sorority sister claimed she was “probably in a bad mood because Adolf Hitler was motor-boating my boobs.”

See the Twitter reactions to Grande’s return below, along with responses to the Dean Munsch’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) dark and murderous transformation.

“Scream Queens” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.