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Sean Hannity Calls CNN’s Brian Stelter a ‘Little Pipsqueak’ Who Kisses Hillary Clinton’s Butt

”That’s the type of coverage CNN that offers in this presidential race, as they literally kiss Hillary Clinton’s ass and Obama’s ass every day,“ Fox News personality says

Fox News host Sean Hannity got personal with Brian Stelter on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning, calling the CNN media authority a “little pipsqueak.”

“I literally watched this show on CNN over the weekend, and you got this little pipsqueak named Brian Stelter. And he allowed this arrogant professor from the Kennedy School of Journalism to talk about Trump being a demagogue, and demagogues like Trump become dictators,” Hannity said.

“That’s the type of coverage CNN that offers in this presidential race, as they literally kiss Hillary Clinton’s ass and Obama’s ass every day,” he continued.

The “Fox & Friends” team intervened, with co-host Ainsley Earhardt saying, “Sean, I don’t know if we’re allowed to say that. It’s early.”

Hannity replied that he says that on his primetime show every night.

“I’m glad Hannity was watching. But I wish he had addressed my actual point of my segment about him: that he should help his audience instead of misinforming them with conspiracy theories,” Stelter told TheWrap when asked for response.

The feud started earlier this month after Stelter publicly called out Hannity on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” for being too cozy with Donald Trump. Stelter had an issue with Hannity failing to ask Trump tough follow-up questions after the GOP nominee said the election would be “rigged.”

“Hannity is not a journalist, but he has a megaphone and he’s using his megaphone irresponsibly,” Stelter said. “It is unpatriotic for any interviewer or any journalist to help [Trump delegitimize the democratic process without proof].

Stelter received positive feedback on Twitter for his commentary, but Hannity wasn’t among the people offering praise and fired back on the social media platform.

“Hey Brian check Philly enquirer after 2012. How many districts not a single Romney vote. Check Cleveland. Do u prep?” Hannity asked in his first tweet to Stelter, pointing to what he feels is proof of a rigged election in 2012.

“Calling us unpatriotic? 59 districts not one Romney vote,” Hannity wrote in another tweet. “So you are voting for the liar HRC. Did DNC hurt Bernie?”

Hannity then mocked Stelter, calling him “Unreliable liberal sources,” and asked again if “HRC is a liar.”

Stelter has made numerous digs at Hannity and his nightly newsletter since the beef started. Hannity will moderate a town hall event with Trump Tuesday on Fox News at 10 p.m. ET.

Watch the “Fox & Friends” video above.