Seth Meyers Packs Trump Re-Election ‘Go Bag’: $10K in Cash and a Webcam to ‘Do the Show From a Country That Won’t Extradite’ | Video

The NBC host also packed his passport and a change of clothes

More polling is starting to show disgraced ex-president Donald Trump leading President Biden in a 2024 rematch, but Seth Meyers isn’t worried. That’s partly because there’s still time and, apparently, partly because the NBC host has his escape plan.

During Monday night’s “A Closer Look” segment, Meyers zeroed in on NBC’s poll putting Trump ahead, which marked the first time that particular poll did so. But the late night host attempted to stay calm, reminding viewers once again that the election is still a year away, and Trump has a lot of time in the courtroom ahead of him.

“I’m staying calm, cool, confident, collected. That’s just the new me. The new Seth,” he said breezily. “I don’t wear a suit, I don’t cut my hair, I don’t freak out about polls a full year before the election.”

That said, Meyers had another reason for not having another on-air meltdown.

“The other reason I’m not worried is that, if Trump does win, I have a go bag, so I can get the f— out of here,” Meyers joked, turning to address a close-up cam. “I got my passport, a change of clothes, $10,000 in cash and a webcam, so I can do the show from a country that won’t extradite to the U.S.”

The host joked that he leaves his bag under his desk in the studio, so he can grab it quickly at all times, and also because he trusts his crew not to steal his money. Naturally, the camera then panned to Wally the cue card guy, who had very clearly stolen said money.

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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