Seth Meyers Previews President Trump’s Address to Congress (Video)

“He has the chance to sell Americans on his agenda rather than whining about the free press,” “Late Night” host says

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers dug into how President Trump’s upcoming address to Congress could go, saying it will be difficult for POTUS to discuss his agenda when his agenda is mostly attacking the media.

“This claim Trump keeps making that the media makes up sources and publishes fake news doesn’t make sense according to Trump’s own logic, because while he claims the press is making up fake sources, he also claims there are real leakers in the Federal government and the leakers should be caught and punished,” Meyers said. “He has the chance to sell Americans on his agenda rather than whining about the free press.”

Meyers also mocked a recent clip of Trump discussing the nation’s infrastructure by pointing out missing tiles in the Lincoln Tunnel. “It’s the Lincoln Tunnel, even with all the tiles, it’s gonna be lousy,” he joked.

The “Late Night” host then moved on to healthcare, which is expected to be a topic of discussion during Trump’s Tuesday night speech. He played a clip of POTUS saying, “Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated.”

“The only way that sentence could be more terrifying is if you heard it just as the anesthesia is kicking in,” Meyers said.

Trump’s first address to Congress is a prime-time speech on Tuesday in which he is expected to discuss his campaign promises and trade, in addition to health care and infrastructure spending.

Check out the video above.

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