Shaquille O’Neal Has Bad News for ‘Kazaam’ Fans, Good News for Those Who Like ‘Steel’

The former NBA star went on Reddit to discuss dream movie plans

Shaquille O’Neal revealed some bad news on Wednesday for fans of his mid-’90s acting career: No, he does not want to reprise his role as the rappin’ genie in a boom box in “Kazaam.”

The blow to the 1996 fantasy film’s cult following, however, was followed by a glimmer of hope for fans of another Shaq classic – Warner Bros. “Steel.”

“I wouldn’t do a remake of ‘Kazaam,’ but I would do another ‘Steel’ movie,” the former NBA star wrote during a Reddit AMA session.

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“Steel,” a 1997 superhero movie based on the DC comic of the same name, starred O’Neal as a military weapons designer who forges a new identity to fight back against gangs that are using the very weapons he designed. The movie was critically panned, but apparently still has a very special place in O’Neal’s heart.

O’Neal has been busy promoting Season 2 of his TruTV series comedy series “Upload,” as well as his new beverage line, Soda Shaq. On Tuesday, he paid a visit to “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon“, then he appeared on NBC morning show “Today” on Wednesday to play Willie Geist in a game of one-on-one.

Despite O’Neal’s 7’ 1” frame towering over Geist’s 6’ 4” body, the media personality still managed to make a shot.

Watch Geist follow in former teen pop star Aaron Carter’s footsteps below: