Shocker: Binge-Watching Leads to Depression; Americans See Average of 5 Movies a Year (Exclusive Infographic)

An infographic released by Happify shows shows statistics about entertainment viewing habits

Americans may want to rethink how they watch TV after taking a look at a shocking find featured on an infographic exclusive to TheWrap.

In a mission to advise viewers on how to be happier watching TV in the summer, well-being site Happify compiled a list of interesting TV viewing habit statistics, which are based on “a decade’s worth of research” the site utilizes to create activities and games that “build skills for lasting happiness.”

One surprising fact? Studies have found that watching the commercials keeps the enjoyment level high.

Here are some other interesting statistics that Happify has gathered:

  • Americans see an average of five movies a year.
  • Studies show that binge-watching can lead to loneliness and depression.
  • Comedies improve mood temporarily, they are healthy for your heart, and laughing opens up blood vessels and increases blood flow.
  • Watching reruns, like old “Friends” episodes, will help restore motivation.

See the complete infographic below.

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