‘Silence of the Lambs’ Blooper Reel: You’ll Never Look at Hannibal Lecter the Same Way Again (Video)

Don’t-miss moments include: Anthony Hopkins wasting a bloody take on a Rocky impersonation

Hannibal Lecter may be a murderous maniac who eats his patients’ brains, but even he has to goof around sometimes.

A “Silence of the Lambs” blooper reel (above) shows Anthony Hopkins breaking from his menacing and Academy Award-winning portrayal of the famous serial killer to impersonate Rocky with shout outs to Adrian and Paulie.

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In another take gone wrong, Jodie Foster — who also won an Oscar for her performance as FBI agent¬†Clarice Starling — tells Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine) to “Freeze! put your hands on your hips!”

It doesn’t take her long to realize that is not proper FBI procedure.

“Silence of the Lambs,” director Jonathan Demme’s adaptation of Thomas Harris’ novel of the same name, debuted to critical acclaimed in 1991 and won a total of five Oscars the following year.