Simon Cowell and His Crew Get Dreamy in ‘The X Factor’ Sneak Peek (Video)

Former “American Idol” cranky-pants fakes the world out with a nice-guy routine in promo for his new series

Has Simon Cowell turned over a new, and decidedly more pleasant, leaf?

Not really, but that the premise of a brand-new promo for his upcoming talent competition "The X Factor," which premiered Tuesday during the MLB All-Star Game.

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The promo begins with Cowell, surrounded by his new judging cohorts Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and Antonio "L.A." Reid, actually — gasp! — being supportive of the talent that's presenting itself to him. But as the clip progresses, it's revealed that the scenario is a dream — or, rather, for Cowell, a nightmare — and the viewer is quickly treated to the familiar sight of former "American Idol" judge Cowell berating substandard warblers in his famously cantankerous manner.

The American version of "The X Factor" premieres Wednesday, September 21 on Fox. Until then, gear up for the glory of it all by checking out the video — and the first official photo of the judges (above), also released today.