The Situation Slapped With $1 Million Lawsuit by Ex-Manager

“Jersey Shore” star’s former reps say that he left them in the lurch after they made him the celeb that he is today

It's another week, another lawsuit for "Jersey Shore" breakout Guido Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

No sooner has the Sitch disentangled himself from his legal complications with his father, than the reality star has been slapped with a complaint by his former management, Gotham Entertainment, the management company confirmed to TheWrap.

In a suit filed on Friday, Gotham is asking for damages in excess of $1 million dollars from Sorrentino, claiming that the bailed on them in May, without providing them with 30 days' notice or an opportunity to fix any problems, as stipulated in his contract with them. The behavior is particularly shoddy, the suit argues, since Gotham — who began representing him in 2009, the year "Jersey Shore" broke — helped catapult him to fame.

Not surprisingly, the suit is meeting with resistance from Team Sitch. In a statement issued on Friday and obtained by TMZ, Sorrentino's attorney, Richard Wolfe, says Gotham's suit "is filled with lies and falsities that will be proven false in court." Moreover, Wolfe asserts, "Gotham had little or nothing to do concerning Michael's rise to fame" and "did MORE HARM than good to Michael and his career."

According to the statement, the real force behind the Situation's success is his brother Marc Sorrentino, who "works tirelessly to build the brand that is Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino."