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Snapchat Now Lets You Book Uber, Find Restaurants

”Context Cards“ makes it even harder to close Snapchat by adding several platforms to the app

Snapchat’s latest update wants to make it harder for you to close the app once you’ve started Snapping.

A new addition, called “Context Cards,” integrates several platforms — like OpenTable, TripAdvisor, FourSquare, Michelin, and Goop — to allow users to coordinate their day directly through Snapchat.

If you’re friend posts a pic of some taco noshing, you can click the geotag and, if the restaurant has a Context Card, get information on the spot: its hours, reviews, phone number and location. Instead of jumping out of Snapchat, users can secure a ride — using Uber or Lyft — to the restaurant, or save a reservation for later. If another friend posts a Story from Thailand and you’re feeling like you’ve missed out, TripAdvisor will let you book directly from Snapchat.

As Snap’s blog puts it: “With Context Cards, Snaps have become the visual starting point for learning more about the world, empowering our community to get more information about anything that catches their eye.”

From a user experience, the update makes it easier for Snapchatters to toggle back and forth between apps (first world problem). And from a business perspective, it’s another cunning move by Snap. The Venice, Calif.-based company has been working to increase user engagement on its app while it builds out its advertising arm. Snap Maps, which lets users scope out their friends and news based on location, has upped engagement by 40 percent since it was introduced this summer, according to Axios. And I can’t forget the dancing hot dog, which CEO Evan Spiegel called the world’s “first augmented reality superstar.” It’s been viewed more than 1.5 billion times (and that’s no typo).

Now, by adding several functions directly to its app, it incentivizes Snapchatters to stay in the app — and interact with its ads more. Check out the new feature in the quick video below.

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