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‘SNL': Watch Fred Armisen Play Jason Sudeikis’ Pervy New Girlfriend Regine (Video)

Armisen dresses in drag and is joined by former castmate in hilarious new sketch

Fred Armisen donned a dress again for his guest-hosting appearance on the season finale of “Saturday Night Live” — to play the pervy new girlfriend of a guy played by surprise guest (and former “SNL” castmate) Jason Sudeikis.

As Regine, the bespectacled Armisen wore a brunette bob and held a cigarette just so. “Isn’t she beautiful, gang?” Sudeikis’ character said straight away. “And no plastic surgery. This is all natural.”

We then watch as Regine responded ecstatically to Sudeikis’ neck kisses — much to the discomfort of fellow party guests.

The awkwardness ramps up as Regine’s responses to Sudeikis’ signs of affection get increasingly orgasmic — and the cast’s attempts to avoid cracking up become increasingly futile.

“Her body is like a harp that only I know how to play,” Sudeikis said.

Watch the full video above.