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Watch ‘SNL’ Grill Aziz Ansari for Not Liking ‘La La Land’ Enough (Video)

”SNL“ nails ”La La Land“ fans — and gets ”Westworld“ fans for good measure, too

The cops had Aziz Ansari dead to rights on “SNL” for the egregious crime of thinking “La La Land” — the prohibitive favorite for Best Picture at the Oscars next month — had too many montages.

“SNL” perfectly skewered militant “La La Land” fans in a sketch that found Ansari’s Mr. Shah sitting in a police interrogation room. A pair of cops (Beck Bennett and Cecily Strong) have Shah on video on a date saying “La La Land” wasn’t his favorite movie of the year. Check out the full sketch at the top of this post.

“So what’s been your favorite movie this year?” Shah’s date asked in the footage. “Mine was ‘La La Land,’ hands down.”

“Really? I mean, it was good, but I thought it kinda dragged in the middle,” Shah answered.

Strong’s Officer DeMarco could barely hold back her rage.

“What do you have to say for yourself, you sick son of a bitch?” she shouted.

Shah tried to explain himself, saying he thought the movie had a few too many montages.

After its huge showing at the Golden Globes, how could he possibly say that, the officers demanded.

“Ryan Gosling didn’t learn piano from scratch so some little prick could come and nitpick!” DeMarco shouted.

But it was when Shah said he didn’t think the singing was that great that things really went off.

“I dunno, I mean, I liked it, it was fun, the singing was good,” Shah said. “Well, I mean, I just didn’t like think it was like amazing singing.”

“That’s the effing point!” Bennett’s Officer Santangelli shot back.

“They’re just regular people, falling in love and singing!” DeMarco said.

“And they weren’t singing to a track,” Santangelli added. “No, they were actually really singing on the day.”

Then DeMarco grabbed a chair, swinging it into the two-way glass with fury.

“I’d like to see you sing on the day, you dumb sack of crap!” she yelled.

The cops weren’t just after “La La Land” haters, either. The sketch ended with another officer bringing in Keenan Thompson for a most egregious crime.

“Hey, you didn’t like ‘La La Land’ either?” Shah asked.

“Nah,” Thompson responded. “I didn’t like ‘Westworld.'”

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