‘SNL’ Presents ‘WikiLeaks: TMZ’ (video)

Julian Assange fills in for Harvey Levin; Robert DeNiro plays an easily bribed Hamid Karzai

Last Updated: December 5, 2010 @ 8:10 AM

Finally, WikiLeaks explained in a way anyone can understand.

"Saturday Night Live" satirized the latest round of WikiLeaks disclosures with a cold open Saturday that imagined WikiLeaks going the TMZ route to try to embarrass as many world leaders as possible. It included Robert DeNiro as an easily bribed Hamid Karzai, a prostitute-prone Muammar Gaddafi and — shame on you if you got here by Googling this phrase — a Hilary Clinton upskirt shot.

Bill Hader's Assange presided over the TMZ newsroom in place of Harvey Levin, and signed off with this goodbye: “Do I suck a little bit? I do, yeah. Can you try me for treason? You can’t, because I’m from Australia. But nice try, dummies. In closing, I'm gonna remind you all, that no matter how I die, it was murder.”

Watch the video: