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‘SNL': Watch Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock Attend an Election Night Watch Party With White People (Video)

Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock were disillusioned and not surprised by Donald Trump’s win on ”SNL“ this week

In a slightly painful re-enactment of many people’s Tuesday evenings, “Saturday Night Live” followed the course of an Election Night watch party in New York City.

Though the skit was primarily composed of white cast members, Dave Chappelle starred as the only black person at the party. The evening started out well enough, of course: polls were turned toward Hillary,with the party’s occupants comfortably assured that America would not, in fact, elect someone endorsed by the KKK.

As the evening played out, the only person not surprised at the party was Chappelle, who was later joined by Chris Rock. Disillusioned and disenfranchised, the two men watch as their friends are crushed by the results. You can watch the full sketch above.

Going all the way down to white women — 53% of whom voted for Donald Trump — each friend seems to be taken aback, having lived too far inside of their own bubbles to realize just how tense times are in modern-day America.

Amused and reassuring, the two comedians told their friends to stick it out for the next eight years, and rolled their eyes when another friend said that this election was the worst thing to happen to America.

“Yeah, but don’t worry,” Rock said. “It’s all going to be white.”

In the end, it seems as though Chappelle and Rock are the only ones who realize just how much farther the United States have to go in order to truly reach a post-racial society. Even longer now, probably.