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Snoop Dogg Wants to Get Ken Bone High

Rapper invites presidential debate breakout sensation to ”smoke 1 wit Tha Dogg“

Ken Bone has clearly sparked Snoop Dogg‘s interest — and now the rapper wants to return the favor by sparking one up with the internet sensation.

Like most Americans, the “Doggy Style” rapper was captivated by Bone’s appearance on the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Sunday. And on Tuesday, Snoop Dogg extended an invitation of the highest order to Bone.

“Come to the crib and smoke 1 wit Tha Dogg,” the rapper tweeted at the  internet sensation.

Snoop also made reference to Bone’s now-famous red sweater, and perhaps signaled his intention to move Bone — who told late-night host Jimmy Kimmel on Monday that he’s still deciding who to vote for — toward the Democrats’ side.

“Nice sweater @kenbone18. U should get it in blue,” the rapper wrote.

The 34-year-old coal-plant operator created a frenzy on the internet during Sunday night’s debate among people who considered him to be a highlight of the debate.

“Tonight. A star was born. World, meet Kenneth Bone. Ken Bone, meet the world,” one newly minted fan enthused on Twitter.

“His name is Ken Bone and he ken bone me anytime,” a particularly randy admirer added.

Snoop Dogg‘s invitation isn’t the only unusual offer Bone received this week. On Monday, Daron Lundeen, president of camming website CamSoda.com, offered Bone $100,000 to participate in “a live show broadcast.”

The offer, extended by CamSoda president Daron Lundeen, encouraged Bone to “take us all to the Bone Zone and tell/show us what you’re all about.”