‘Snow White’ vs. ‘Snow White’: We Rank the 2 Projects on Our New PowerGrid

Universal and Relativity are chasing the same live-action, fairy tale adaptation in the same year. Who will come out on top? The PowerGrid crunches the key data

Universal and Relativity both have high hopes for their respective “Snow White” adaptations.

Arriving in theaters within six months of each other next year, both projects have attracted big names as they gear up for production. But which one is the fairest of them all?  

To find out, we turned to our colleagues at TheWrap's ItsontheGrid.com. They plugged in all the data related to the two “Snow White” movies into their upcoming PowerGrid ranker for a test drive.

Launching next month, the PowerGrid will rank Hollywood’s power players based on the success (or failure) of the projects they’re associated with. Every person, project and company in Hollywood is given a PowerScore based on data plugged into a proprietary formula and updated daily.

Here’s how it compares the two "Snow Whites" (introduction continues below chart):


Universal’s project has a PowerScore of 85, almost 10 points higher than the Relativity movie. The key differences: The combined star power of Hugh Jackman and Kristen Stewart tops the rankings of Julia Roberts and Lily Collins. And Universal has a higher score than Relativity, which has a much shorter history as a distributor. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean Universal’s project will necessarily make more money than Relativity’s — it just means that, at least prior to production, the Universal "Snow White" scores better in a number of key factors that predict commercial success.

You will be able to track both projects as they progress through production through this must-read service. You can learn more about this PowerGrid here.