Speidi Out, Another Baldwin In

Looks like God doesn’t always hear my prayers, after all.


That’s right; Speidi finally succeeded at leaving "I’m a Celebrity" last night after the show’s live portion. They’d better come up with some new drama, ya’ll! That lady wrestler seems nice and all — but I need SCANDAL!

Perhaps Daniel Baldwin, who’s been called in as Spencer’s replacement, is the answer. Sheesh, I’d finally gotten straight on which Baldwin was already on the show. (It was Stephen … I think.) Now we’ve got another one to keep straight?

As you may remember, Daniel stirred up loads of trouble on "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew," when the married actor allegedly sent dirty text messages to porn star and fellow patient Mary Carey. 


Hopefully he can conjure up the same amount of mischief with twigs and bug repellent; there ain’t no text messaging in the jungle, Mr. Baldwin!


Billy maybe?