Spielberg’s Torah

Usually, the donation of a Torah to a religious facility is a mitzvah. Or as the Torah explains — an act of human kindness. In this case, however, I look at it as an abomination, or an averah — a moral transgression.

What I’m addressing is the donation of a Torah to the Motion Picture Home by Steven Spielberg. On the face of it, as Spielberg recognizes a Holocaust survivor in his presentation, it’s beautiful. However, reading between the lines makes this anything but a genuine offer of the love and education that a Torah represents.

If you’re not Jewish, hang in there and finish reading this. If you are Jewish, this will drive you meshugah. Even if you’re not Jewish, this will make your blood boil.

The MPTF is not a religious facility. Its beauty is the nondenominational and bicultural environment that it fosters. Try getting a nativity scene erected. It’s not going to happen. Try having the Five Pillars of Islam promoted and practiced publicly. It’s not going to happen. Try to erect a Buddhist shrine (they’re small and usually seen at many donut shops around the San Fernando Valley). Forget it! Not going to happen!

Then why is this very public endorsement of the holiest of holies, and its acceptance into the Home, happening?

The answer is obvious to anyone who has been fighting against the MPTF’s final solution — that being the eviction of the elderly that continues, even in the face of a disproportionate amount of deaths that have occurred, in my view, as a result of the attempted closing of the Long Term Care unit.

This is a PR move that has the gall to use a Torah as its pawn. The MPTF is getting horrible press. We’ve done our best to publicize the storm trooper practices of the fund’s hired social workers who bully and muscle the elderly and infirm out to facilities that you wouldn’t kennel your dog in. This is the lame attempt of a desperate P.R. company to create a positive spin on a desperate situation.

What message does this send to those who are still cowering in their rooms awaiting the call to leave?

This is the message, however subconscious and nefarious: "Those f—ing Jews are kicking me out".

How could you blame those whose mental capabilities are challenged by old age to not think that? How unfair that such a commotion is made to install a Jewish Torah to a nondenominational health facility? Where is the separation of church and state — since the MPTF receives a lot of funding from the State of California?

This Jew, the one who is writing this, is disgusted that someone of Steven Spielberg’s stature has not thought this through.

I urge you to call Rabbi Rosenberg, one of the hack chaplains of the MPTF, to voice your disgust, at (818) 876-1888, ext. 4086

And, if you’re up to it, please contact me at richard@richardstellar.com if you want to participate in a peaceful protest on Tuesday afternoon, June 30. I’ll forward the details.

The desecration of the Torah will not go unnoticed.