‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Alums and Joss Whedon Endorse Stacey Abrams’ Spike vs Angel Hot Take

Spike shipper has a point

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After her efforts to flip her home state blue for the 2020 presidential election paid off last week, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams turned her attention to flipping a different group: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fans who think that Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Buffy Summers belonged with Angel (David Boreanaz), not Spike (James Marsters). And it looks like she at least got the votes of the “Buffy” cast and creator Joss Whedon himself.

“To be fair, Angel was the right boyfriend for Buffy coming into her power. Spike was the right man to be with as she became the power,” Abrams tweeted Monday, after being labeled a Spike shipper by one Twitter user.

That hot take didn’t go over well with everyone on Twitter, but it did get heavily endorse by Whedon and co. over the last few days.

“I AGREE! (during squee),” the “Buffy” creator tweeted.

“I’ll vote yes to that!” Alyson Hannigan, who played Buffy’s best friend, Willow Rosenberg, tweeted, before adding: “Actually Buffy should have dated Willow.”

“I can see that!” Nicholas Brendon, who played Buffy’s pal Xander Harris, tweeted.

Charisma Carpenter, who played popular girl Cordelia Chase on “Buffy” and later became a love interest for Boreanaz’s character on the “Buffy” spinoff “Angel,” wrote: “And Cordelia was right for Angel because she kept him on his path.”

When Marsters had Abrams’ tweet brought to his attention by his wife, Jasmin, he shied away from taking sides in this particular national debate, instead tweeting: “@staceyabrams you are a national treasure, and you have very good taste in television! My ‘Get Out the Vote’ drive on Twitter was inspired by you. When the people rule, the rulers tremble. Let me know if I can help you in any way.”

Abrams even managed to get all three members of the notorious “Trio” to join in the Spike vs. Angel debate.

“Yeah, I can see that,” Danny Strong, who played Jonathan, tweeted. Tom Lenk, who was Andrew, wrote “WHOA” with a smiling heart emoji. And Adam Busch, bad guy Warren, noted, “Relationships are all about timing.”

See Abrams’ original tweet below.

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