Stage 32, The Blood List Launch Screenplay Contest to Discover New Writers

The “Search for New Blood” aims to open doors for undiscovered dark genre writers

Stage 32 and The Blood List have partnered to find undiscovered genre screenwriters via the new screenwriting contest “Search for New Blood,” it was announced Tuesday by The Blood List founder Kailey Marsh and Stage 32 founder/CEO Richard Botto.

Stage 32 bills itself as the world’s largest social network and educational site for film, television and theater creatives. The partnership combines the strengths of both companies by leveraging Stage 32’s global network of over 325,000 users with The Blood List’s reputation as a leader in finding dark genre, horror, suspense and thriller scripts.

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Together, Stage 32 and The Blood List will present three unrepresented writers a chance to be featured in a section on The Blood List called “New Blood.” In addition, the winner of the contest will be flown to Los Angeles to have a one-on-one meeting with Richard Potter, executive VP of production and development at Relativity Media, as well as chat with select judges.

The contest aims to have submitted screenplays read not only by industry professionals who are genre fans, but whose companies are actually involved in making genre films.

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In addition to the unique opportunities for the top three undiscovered writers, The Search for New Blood brings an impressive array of judges including Adrienne Biddle (Unbroken Pictures), Nick Phillips (Revolver Picture Co.), Richard Potter (Relativity), Beth Bruckner (Millennium Films), Dave Neustadter (New Line Cinema), Trevor Macy (Intrepid Pictures), Adam Stone (Vertigo Entertainment), Ben Shields Catlin (IM Global), Ainsley Davies (Chris Morgan Prods.), Garrick Dion (Bold Films), Carly Norris (The Allegiance Theater), Adi Shankar (1984 Private Defense Contractors) and Bailey Conway (Automatik).

“Kailey has done a tremendous job carving out a niche of finding high caliber dark genre scripts with The Blood List. To offer Stage 32 [and] screenwriters this unique opportunity to have their work exposed to these top-level industry executives by being listed in a section of The Blood List is thrilling,” said Botto.

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The contest hopes to use The Blood List, which is heading into its sixth year and comes out every Halloween, as a way to draw attention to new dark genre writers.

“I just want to help great writers get discovered. Over the last year I’ve watched Richard Botto and Stage 32 uncover dozens of writers from all over the world and place them inside the industry. I’m excited to offer an opportunity to have undiscovered writers represented on The Blood List,” said Marsh, a literary manager and producer who founded The Blood List.

The Stage 32/The Blood List’s Search for New Blood screenwriting contest can be found on the Happy Writers section of Stage 32’s website as well as