Stanley Kubrick’s Daughter Rips Moon-Landing Conspiracy Theorists

Vivian Kubrick denounces those who say her dad helped U.S. government stage 1969 achievement

Last Updated: July 6, 2016 @ 11:52 AM

Stanley Kubrick most certainly did not assist the government in purportedly staging the 1969 moon landing — at least, according to his daughter.

Vivian Kubrick denounced conspiracy theorists in a passionate Tuesday Twitter post.

She begins: “Surely (!?) an artist, such as my father, whose profound degree of artistic integrity is self-evident, whose political/social consciousness is manifestly present in nearly every film he made. Whose highly controversial subject matter literally put his life at risk, and yet he continued to make the films he made … don’t you think he’d be the very last person EVER to assist the US Government in such a terrible betrayal of its people?!?”

Vivian continued, acknowledging the existence of other “very real” conspiracies. She also spoke of her professional relationship with dad — Vivian Kubrick wrote the film score for “Full Metal Jacket” and made “The Making of the Shining” documentary — concluding that his alleged participation in such a thing could be nothing other than “A GROTESQUE LIE.”

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