Star Jones Rips Anthony Weiner: One Tick Away From a ‘Complete Perv’

TV personality leaves no doubt as to her feelings about the sex-addled mayoral candidate

TV personality Star Jones ripped New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner for being "one tick away from being just a complete perv," calling the scandal-ridden politician  "ill," "annoying" and "arrogant" during an interview on CNN on Tuesday.

Jones appeared on Piers Morgan's evening talk show and had no sympathy for the beleaguered candidate who has remained in the mayoral race despite revelations that he continued his sexting habits with young women even after resigning from Congress over the behavior.

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"You know, he's one tick away from being just a complete perv, to be honest with you," Jones said. "He likes young girls, as a matter of fact, and he doesn't like to be in the room with them, he likes to be in a room by himself talking to young girls. There's just something really a little ill about it. I wanted to stop laughing because you don't laugh at people who are sick."

Jones also had nothing but derision for Weiner's remarks in a new video on Tuesday in which he defended his decision to stay in the race and said New Yorkers didn't quit.

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"He's annoying, excuse me," Jones said. "The first thing is, is stop putting yourself in the category of just like New Yorkers. Don't put yourself in the category of people like our first responders, who don't know how to quit. Don't put yourself in the category of people who show up and go to your house when it's on fire, to police officers, to teachers who are there in these schools and neighborhoods that no one wants to walk through. Those are the New Yorkers that don't quit. Not these ones that don't know when it's time to say goodbye and go. That annoys me."

She added: "That arrogance, that master of the universe mentality. He was not a real distinguished Congressman, so all of a sudden he’s now revitalized, Anthony Weiner, he's going to save new York. Oh please go back to where you were."

Here's the video of the appearance: