‘Star Trek’ Trailer Has ‘Wrath of Khan’ Homage/Possible Spoiler (Video)

Like we said: Contains possible spoiler

The Japanese version of the new "Star Trek Into Darkness" trailer has a few seconds not seen in the American version that may suggest tragedy awaits the U.S.S. Enterprise.

1982's "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan" famously ended with Spock sacrificing his life to save the starship. He goes to its engine room and fix its damaged warp drive, exposing himself to deadly radiation in the process. As he dies, he makes the Vulcan symbol and presses it to the clear wall. Kirk reaches for his hand, but they are separated by the surface. (We assume it's something stronger than glass.) Spock delivers a speech that makes many a Trekkie hold back tears.

The Japanese trailer for JJ Abrams' upcoming sequel to his "Star Trek" reboot features a brief shot of two people — at least one is wearing the Starfleet uniform — touching hands through a clear wall. The moment comes after bad guy Benedict Cumberbatch asks, "Is there anything you would not do… for your family?"

It could be taken as a sign that Spock is going to die again.

As noted by TheVerge's Aaron Souppouris, it may "the worst spoiler to feature in an announcement trailer ever — or perhaps it's just JJ Abrams toying with us."

Watch the trailer — and "The Wrath of Khan" ending — and decide for yourself.

Japanese trailer:

"Wrath of Khan" ending: