‘Star Wars’ Fans: Make Darth Vader’s Funeral Your 5-Hour Yule Log This Christmas (Video)

Stare along with Luke Skywalker at the bad guy’s burning suit as you tear open gifts

Christmas just got a little bit dark(side)er.

Some “Star Wars” superfan with too much time on his hands looped the “Darth Vader” funeral scene from “Return of the Jedi” for five hours, turning it into a perfect holiday yule log. There are even some bonus sound effects at the tail-end, wrapping this early Christmas gift up into with a neat little bow.

If you can get past the burning flesh of Luke Skywalker’s dad, the popping of the fire and nature sounds are actually kind of soothing.

Watch the video above, courtesy of YouTube user Benjamin Apple — and … Merry Christmas?

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” zooms into theaters on Friday, exactly one week before Santa Claus drops off your Kylo Ren light saber.