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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Honest Trailer Wants to Fix What George Lucas Started (Video)

Screen Junkies take shots at prequel trilogy ahead of new J.J. Abrams film

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” got a special “Honest Teaser” from the team at Screen Junkies.

The Screen Junkies took a few swipes at the prequel trilogy directed by George Lucas, including superimposing Lucas’ face onto the damaged helmet of Darth Vader, with Kylo Ren saying, “We will fix what you started.”

Daisy Ridley‘s Rey also says, “There are stories about what happened.” Han Solo replies, “It’s true. All of it. Midichlorians, Jar-Jar, the special editions, they’re real. But forget all that. Some new nerd is directing now.”

The Honest Trailer series has received more than 550 million views on YouTube, including popular editions for “Breaking Bad,” “Frozen,” “Jurassic World,” “The Hunger Games,” “The Dark Knight,” and “The Avengers,” among others.

Watch the trailer.