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Jimmy Kimmel Discovers Too Many People Think ‘Star Wars’ Characters Are Real People (Video)

”Americans know more about ‘Star Wars’ than we do actual wars,“ Kimmel says

Jimmy Kimmel dedicated the latest edition of “Lie Witness News” to “Star Wars,” and found far too many people think the characters, old and new, from a galaxy far, far away are currently alive and well on planet Earth.

“Americans know more about ‘Star Wars’ than we do actual wars,” the ABC late-night host said on Monday while introducing the segment, in which a camera crew asked pedestrians in Hollywood about current events — and then through in some characters from the blockbuster franchise for fun.

Was Kylo Ren a good replacement for Kim Jeong-un as the leader of North Korea? Sure, says one guy.

“Kylo Ren would be a good leader because he’s a real outspoken person, he’s nice,” he answered.

And according to another woman, the way Fox News covered Emperor Palatine executing Mace Windu was “soft.”

Watch the video above.