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‘Last Jedi’ Title Translations Reveal There Are Multiple Jedi

”Star Wars“ movie title in other countries reveals the grammar everyone’s been debating

The international titles for the upcoming “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” appear to confirm that said “Jedi” are in fact plural.

The official Star Wars twitter accounts of France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Italy, and more revealed the titles in their respective languages — all of them calling out multiple Jedi.

Because of this development, we now know that the title is supposed to mean more than one Jedi, as in, Luke and Rey… and maybe even more of masters of the Force.

A lot of folks are fond of pointing out that “Jedi” is both a singular and plural word, which is what had everyone debating the title when it was first released in english.

Aside from “The Force Awakens,” with its enigmatic title, “Star Wars” movies tend to have pretty straightforward names. What you thought “The Last Jedi” meant when you first read it is probably what it means.

“The Last Jedi” has very different implications from “Return of the Jedi.” The latter implies a resurgence (which never happened, actually), and the former implies, obviously, a sort of finality. Are the Jedi really are over? Is it time for something new? And if so, what? Maybe Rey won’t become a Jedi, but rather something else.

We’ll all find out when the movie lands in theaters on Dec. 15.