Stephen Colbert Tries to Top China’s Typhoon Donation, ‘Today’ Show’s Prostate Exam (Video)

The Comedy Central host calls on his followers to donate more money to the Philippines than China’s measly $100,000 pledge

Stephen Colbert invited his Colbert Nation to top China’s pathetic aid sum for Philippines typhoon relief Thursday — and somehow, the “Report” host made it all funny.

China has promised $100,000 to support disaster relief in the Philippines. By comparison, the Unites States provided $20 million in immediate aid, along with boots on the ground, aircraft and the U.S.S. George Washington. China the real super power? Colbert doesn’t think so.

“Folks, America takes a lot of flack just because we spy on our allies, invade countries on hunches and threaten to tank the global economy as a fundraising tool,” Colbert joked. He added, “But face it: when the s— goes down and the world needs heroes, nobody says, ‘Thank God, the Belgians are here! I hope they brought us some waffles.'”

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“Seriously, the nation on China pledged only $100,000? I bet the Colbert Nation could give more than that,” the Comedy Central host said, asking his loyal audience to text “Colbert” to 50555 to donate $10 to Convoy of Hope.

(Watch video about China below.)

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With the important humanitarian stuff out of the way, Colbert got to the real comedy. Not to be outdone by the “Today” show’s Matt Lauer and Al Roker getting prostate exams live on the air last week, Colbert got in on the men’s health awareness with his “November Sweeps Prosctacular.”

But the comedian didn’t have his prostate checked but some sort of medical doctor. No way — not Colbert’s style. This is sweeps after all. So Thursday, Colbert brought in guest stars John Lithgow, Katie Couric and members of the Black Keys to do the dirty work.

Lithgow, who was singled out as the lucky one to perform the exam, did find a strange abnormality back there … kittens! It was adorable and healthy.

OK, “healthy” is debatable. Just watch the video:

Watch Colbert discuss China: