Stephen Colbert Wants to Join Edward Snowden in Brazil, Leaking Info and Sipping Daiquiris (Video)

Not a bad way to spend a winter break

No one is looking forward to Christmastime — and the two-week break that it brings him — more than Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert.

But before the leader of Colbert Nation hits the egg nog full-on, he has some news to report. The lead story on Tuesday night was more National Security Administration news, as Colbert mixed up a federal judge declaring that the government’s phone surveillance program is likely unconstitutional with the plot of “National Treasure.”

An honest mistake.

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And guess who won’t go away? (Well, more away than he’s currently physically away in Moscow.) Edward Snowden, the man who first leaked the NSA spying news six months ago is back in the news for writing an open letter to the Brazilian people.

Snowden pitched the following to the South American country: I’ll help you investigate U.S. spying on your soil, if you grant me political asylum.

Beats the hell out of winter in Russia, that’s for sure — and Colbert wants in on that sweet daiquiri action.

Watch the clip: