Stephen Colbert Trashes Presidential Candidates’ Terrible Online Merchandise (Video)

For example, this Rand Paul phone case or ball cap: “Lots of great gift ideas for everyone you know named Rand”

Stephen Colbert was an equal opportunity offender on his second “Late Show,” ripping presidential candidates for their lame online merchandise store offerings.

Starting with Rand Paul’s “Rand”-emblazoned offerings, Colbert quipped: “Lots of great gift ideas for everyone you know named Rand.”

Of course, there was plenty more to make fun of, such as a Hillary Clinton drink cooler, a “Feel the Bern” Bernie Sanders coffee mug, and a ridiculously overpriced Jeb Bush guacamole bowl.

“When you buy campaign merch, you’re not just buying useless crap — you’re doing your patriotic duty to buy useless crap,” Colbert assured his CBS audience.

Then he compared the far-away election to the anticipation of something a bit more in the pop culture zeitgeist, and in TheWrap’s wheelhouse: “Star Wars.”

“Who has the time to obsess about an event a year away that doesn’t involve a Wookie?” Colbert asked rhetorically.

Watch the video above.