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Stephen Colbert Ends His Bromance with Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Stephen Colbert gets a potential new BFF as he and Jimmy Fallon end their bromance on "The Colbert Report"

All good things — or weird things — must come to an end, so after a stroll down memory lane with his BFF of six months, fellow late night host Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert is back to being best friend-less.

Or is he? More on that in a sec …

On Thursday night's "Colbert Report," Fallon popped in with a cup of Jasmine Pomegranate Zinger to help calm his BFF's scratchy throat.

That led the pair to reminisce (via a Harry Potter-ish Pensieve) about the many fun and homicidal ways they celebrated their friendship — they kept hyping its length — of six months.

But after doing the math on when their six-month bromance was scheduled to end, Colbert and Fallon realized it had already passed its expiration date. So Colbert had to kick his pal to the curb, leaving a "hole in my heart the shape of Jimmy Fallon."

That is, until a new, silver-haired BFF contender emerged from the audience …

Check out Stephen Colbert's new potential BFF in the video below: