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Stephen Colbert Savors Grilled Eric Holder – and Asparagus Aspersions (Video)

Congressman accuses attorney general of casting "aspersions on my asparagus"

All the grilling and peppering of Attorney General Eric Holder is making Stephen Colbert hungry.

On Thursday's "Colbert Report," Colbert noted the excess of food metaphors in the news coverage of Holder's congressional testimony.

"Mmm," said Colbert. "Grilled and peppered. That's explains why Darrell Issa was wearing that 'Kiss the Cook' apron."

But the strangest food comment came from a congressman. During one tense exchange, Texas Republican Louie Gohmert accused Holder of casting "aspersions on my asparagus."

Well. That's what you get for bringing asparagus to a barbecue. And a congressman from Texas should know that.

Watch the video: