Stephen King Takes on Trump (Again): ‘The News Is Real, The President Is Fake’

Author may be Twitter-blocked by Trump, but that isn’t keeping his opinions about POTUS at bay

Stephen King strikes again. It’s no secret that the horror novelist isn’t exactly a fan of the current president. King often takes to Twitter to poke fun at and insult Trump, which resulted in him getting blocked by the POTUS on Twitter last month.

Although King is blocked from viewing or responding to Trump’s tweets, he can still tweet about him. Most recently, he turned one of Trump’s favorite phrases against him in a particularly scathing tweet. The phrase in question? “Fake news.” Only this time King didn’t call out Fox News or Breitbart as fake news. He referred to the president himself as fake.

“The news is real. The president is fake,” King tweeted.

Ouch. But that isn’t the only clever burn the author has hurled at Trump. On Thursday, he tweeted this:

There’s more anti-Trump vitriol from King. Here’s a small sampling:

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