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He’s Back! Steve Kornacki Breaks Down the NFL Playoff Picture on ‘Sunday Night Football’ (Video)

MSNBC’s election superstar made an appearance — as did his ”big board“ — on NBC

If you’ve been suffering from Steve Kornacki withdrawal these last few weeks since the election was called, this is the video for you (assuming you like football at least a little bit).

MSNBC’s king of the big board traded politics for football on Sunday night, making an appearance on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” to help break down the NFL playoff picture.

Kornacki first went over football’s worst division, the NFC East, and explained how the New York Giants took a big step towards making the playoffs after their 17-12 upset win over the Seattle Seahawks.

He then shifted his attention to the final Wild Card spot in the conference, where the Minnesota Vikings laid claim to the spot today after their win over the Jacksonville Jaguars (coupled with the Arizona Cardinals’ defeat to the Los Angeles Rams).

Kornacki also took a stab at breaking down the playoff race in the AFC, where the Las Vegas Raiders barely defeated the winless New York Jets to keep their playoff hopes alive.

“The Raiders came into today with a 47-percent shot (to make the playoffs),” Kornacki said explained. “Now, they took care of business in the end with that miracle and it gets them to a 49-percent shot at making the playoffs. So not a big difference by winning, but really, what this means for the Raiders is it averted catastrophe, because, had they lost, had they not pulled it out in the final seconds, they’d be looking at something like a 10 or 15-percent shot at making the playoffs.”

Watch the videos below or click here.