Fox News’ Steve and Peter Doocy Are Doing Father’s Day by Zoom, Like Everyone Else

The father-son news duo offers tips on celebrating remotely

steve peter doocy
Steve and Peter Doocy

For anyone wondering how to safely celebrate a holiday like Father’s Day while the coronavirus pandemic wears on, do it the Steve and Peter Doocy, way: via Zoom.

The Fox News dad-son duo offered up a few tips on just about everything involving remote connecting with family and friends in a pre-Father’s Day chat with TheWrap.

Peter, a correspondent for the network, joined the call ahead of Steve, a co-host of “Fox & Friends.” As soon as the older Doocy was on, he asked his son where he was (“Wilmington, Delaware”) and whether he was near Joe Biden for an interview. It was a fatherly kind of catching-up reminiscent of the sort of calls between distanced family members going on all around the country amid the pandemic. But, unlike most parents and children, Steve and Peter are also colleagues. They do this all the time.

Before we got down to an actual interview, there was a little more easy banter between the two to get out of the way.

“Peter, do you remember about a month ago, you were doing a live shot during ‘Special Report’ from your living room, and I sent you a text that your microphone was was not right?” Steve asked.

Peter did remember, saying that while he’s been filming most of his live hits for the network remotely on his iPhone, he forgot to set up his mic properly. It was his father, looped in miles away, who noticed with 30 seconds to spare. The audio issue got fixed and “Special Report” viewers were none the wiser. Dad for the save!

Outside of work or in, the Doocy men are in constant contact. Although others might feel it’s better for families to steer clear of political or current event discussions, the Doocy family chat is abuzz around the clock, sharing news, alerts and articles.

In the hours before their joint interview, Steve and Peter — along with three other family members — had discussed Covid-19 spiking in Florida, the Supreme Court decision on DACA and a Fox Nation trivia game. They talk about Steve’s forthcoming cookbook and Peter’s upcoming stint as the officiant in his sister’s wedding. On and off the air, there’s a lot going on.

As if gifted with the ability to peer into the future, the matriarch got the whole family their own portable phone sanitizers for Christmas, just weeks before the pandemic hit. And while they were skeptical about its necessity at first, time proved them wrong and now they can’t recommend it enough.

“It’s got UV lights, and you just put your phone in it and then close it and for 10 minutes it cleans it with the UV light. I plug it into the car when we’re on the road because I know that my phone is probably the dirtiest thing in the car,” Peter explained, with Steve enthusiastically predicting that by the end of the interview, TheWrap reporter was “gonna want one.” He was right.

Handy gadgets aside, Peter told his dad that his Father’s Day gift was a special delivery from his favorite restaurant. As for any other gift options, Steve mused, “It’s hard to go wrong with booze.”