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Still Framing Shots With Thumb and Forefingers?

A new iPhone app from Panascout does it better

A 50-year-old manufacturer of film (and digital) cameras might not seem like the most-likely creator of an iPhone app, but Panavision has come up with a doozy.  

Now, with Panascout, cinematographers, location scouts and filmmakers in general will never have to frame a shot with their fingers.  

Panascout not only frames the shot, but also lets you attach important information, such as location, compass heading and time of day, and upload it all to Final Cut Pro. Photos can be framed in 2.40 (anamorphic), 1.85 (Super 35mm), 1.78 (16×9 HD) and 1.33 (4×3) aspect ratios with Panaframe.  

To read more about the app’s feature set, click here.

“The workflow up until now has been to take pictures, but managing all those shots has been very frustrating,” says Panavision Remote Systems VP/GM Richard Amadril. “You don’t have the metadata for them so you lose context very quickly. And there was no iPhone app out there that did what Panascout does.”

Now, those location shots become a production’s first digital assets, establishing the all-important workflow from the outset.

One high-profile Panascout fan is Rodney Charters, cinematographer of "24." 

Amadril says unexpected fans of the app include building contractors and real estate agents.

Since its launch, Panascout has been in the top 50 photography apps.

At Panavision, there’s a plan afoot to push the iPhone camera even farther with a way to vary focal length without losing resolution. Panascout is available in the iTunes store for $9.99.

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