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Suge Knight Footage Reveals Past Alleged Collision With Pedestrian (Video)

Rap mogul is shown tearing away from a crowd in his car after a nightclub altercation

Suge Knight, who’s currently facing charges of murder and attempted murder stemming from a January incident in which he allegedly ran over two men, killing one of them, has previously struck a pedestrian with his vehicle, according to a new media report.

TMZ released video of the incident Tuesday. It purportedly shows rap mogul Knight and comedian Katt Williams getting into a scuffle with another clubgoer outside of Hollywood’s Eden club in December 2012. After punches were thrown, Knight and Williams climbed into the former Death Row boss’ SUV. Knight then hit the gas and took off while his vehicle was surrounded by a crowd, allegedly striking one man.

A second video shows the alleged victim saying, “Motherf—ing Suge Knight ran me over in his f—ing car.”

The man added that his knee had been injured, but he did not appear to suffer serious injuries in the incident.

The alleged victim actually blamed Williams for the incident, arguing that the comedian had fled from the altercation after “talking all that sh-t.”

Katt Williams, you better pay my damn medical bills,” the man said.

As TheWrap reported last year, Williams and Knight were arrested on suspicion of stealing a female photographer’s camera. In February, Knight was charged  with making a criminal threat during that incident.

Knight faces life in prison stemming from a January incident in Compton, California, during which he allegedly ran over two men, killing one victim who was identified as Terry Carter.

Watch the video of the 2012 incident.