‘Supergirl’: Kelly Olsen’s Guardian Is Already ‘Exhausted’ in ‘Blind Spots’ Sneak Peek (Exclusive Video)

“I think this is the most transparent and vulnerable I’ve felt through Kelly,” actress Azie Tesfai tells TheWrap

Kelly Olsen is suiting up as Guardian on this week’s “Supergirl,” and she’s got an uphill battle in front of her. Co-written by the actress who plays her, Azie Tesfai, the episode “Blind Spots” focuses on the racial inequalities happening in National City, and how the new Guardian will step up to help.

Thanks to Nyxly, the collapse of the Ormfell building is affecting more than just the living situation of everyone who was supposed to move in — it’s affecting the health of everyone who was even near the building when it collapsed. Kelly tries to get one of her young clients, Joey, some help, but she’s repeatedly brushed off as the staff focuses on those they deem more critical in the moment.

As Kelly struggles to be truly heard, she calls someone she knows will understand: her brother, James Olsen. You can watch a sneak peek of the episode in TheWrap’s exclusive video above.

“Blind Spots” marks the first time an Arrowverse star has penned an episode, and it’s not something Tesfai takes lightly. For the actress, it was an opportunity to shed light on some of her own life experiences.

“I think this is the most transparent and vulnerable I’ve felt through Kelly,” Tesfai told TheWrap. “So much of what she’s going through is my personal experience. And so much of what she says are [in] my heart and things that I’ve been through.”

That said, Tesfai also wants fans to know that this conversation is one that is much bigger and applies to a lot of people, not just her.

“I hope that our young Black fans and young Black female fans feel seen in some capacity,” Tesfai said. “And all of our fans, whether it’s through me or Diggle or J’onn, or amazing guest stars in Orlando [Jhaleil Swaby] and Aiden [Stoxx, who plays Joey], I hope that they feel like they’re not just a one-off side character that’s boiled down into one person, but there’s nuances in the story. And I feel like everyone else has a better understanding about how to have these conversations with their loved ones. And know that feeling uncomfortable and not having a resolve is the norm, and that that means you should lean into it more and hopefully it provides some sort of guidelines to explore those conversations. That would be my dream.”

“Supergirl” airs on Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 9 p.m. ET.