Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Other Superheroes React in Horror to Trump Victory (Video)

Yes, even the superpowered are alarmed

Did you watch in disbelief as GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump prevailed over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the presidential election Tuesday night? You’re not alone — even those with superpowers had trouble digesting the news.

As half of America licked its wounds in a post-election hangover on Wednesday, the Internet gifted them with a little bit of humor to help the bitter pill go down, in a mash-up of superheroes reacting to The Donald’s ascendancy to the White House.

In the video, no fewer than three different big-screen Batmen (in the forms of Michael Keaton, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck) and two Supermen (Henry Cavill and Christopher Reeve) look on with concern as Trump is declared president-elect.

Perhaps they’re pondering whether they have a new super-villain on their hands?

Captain America (Chris Evans) has the last word in the compilation, declaring, “OK, that’s enough” just before the screen goes dark — though Evans himself had much stronger words about the election on Tuesday night.

Dejected voters, assemble — and watch the video.