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Support for Polanski Makes My Blood Boil

In Hollywood, unable to distinguish the difference between child and adult, bad conduct is actually rewarded.

The Industry’s reflexive reaction protesting the arrest of Roman Polanski (who, if you’ve forgotten, drugged, raped and sodomized a 13- year-old actress) makes my blood boil.

In the New Hollywood there is no equivalent term for what prisoners call “short eyes.” That label will get you killed in prison. Hardened criminals have families of their own and don’t take kindly to the rape of a child. What do prisoners know that Hollywood has forgotten?
It’s very simple, actually. Children are not born to be props or sexual objects.

They are not Meerkats on an African savannah, available for exploitation by any “Documentarian” who passes by. A child’s naivete is not the proper target for cunning marketing schemes or sexual predation. Children can be gravely injured by a thoughtless remark, let alone anal penetration. 
Dark forces are after our children. In Hollywood, unable to distinguish the difference between child and adult, bad conduct is actually rewarded. Children in the media, given Hollywood’s lamentable product-line, are at terrible risk … as if we didn’t already know this thanks to Jon & Kate and Nadya Suleman (Octo-Mom). 
Kids are routinely hired to act out the fantasies of anti-social, agenda-driven writers and directors in pursuit of their so-called ‘art.’ Hollywood will tell you that we’re not smart enough to judge them, which would be fine but for the fact that Hollywood doesn’t even judge itself.
I don’t care that Mr. Polanski has an intimate, life-long acquaintance with tragedy. I certainly don’t care that amoral Hollywood has showered him with awards and encouraged his artistic efforts for more than thirty years despite behavior that in any other walk of life would demolish any thought of a public career.
Remember this; Roman Polanski deliberately, consciously, lured an ambitious 13-year-old into his lair, plied her with champagne and ‘Ludes, then proceeded to have his way with her in multiple assaults before taking her home to her mother … who had dropped her daughter off in his care in the first place. He expected a 13- year-old actress to honor a little Hollywood secret.  
In Polanski’s case it’s time for both the Message and the Messenger to be brought to account by our legal system. We can do our part by carefully noting who has signed the Polanski Petition and then evaluating our choices as consumers.

"Few former child stars can claim to have overwhelmed their childhood success as thoroughly as Paul Petersen who literally "grew up" in front of America as "Jeff" on "The Donna Reed Show" (1958-1966). Yet today Paul is better known for his decades of effective advocacy for working kids around the world, both in show business and beyond." He is President and Founder of A Minor Consideration,www.minorcon.org.