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“Survivor” Recap: Chicken 1, Eric O

And Jeff is mostly missing in action. Where is he?!

"Survivor’s" fourth episode begins with Jaison going on another rant. He’s hungry and tired, but says, “It’s the worst decision I’ve made in my entire life.” Yikes. Is he going to quit? Russell is even questioning Jaison’s manhood (no, not that manhood). Russell pulls a Mick Jagger by saying he’s got it all under his thumb right now.

Shambo is not happy because “there was a huge appreciation for Shambo” at Foa Foa. Uh oh, is she going to be another person who refers to herself in the third person?

I’m not familiar with these Galu people, since they haven’t lost yet. Eric and John try to trick Shambo into revealing the immunity idol clue. Time for a reward challenge, and it’s Dreadlocked Russell, Dave and Shambo vs. Sly Russell, Mick and Natalie. Jeff is noticeably absent, and the six challengers eventually figure out that it’s going to be a game of bocce ball.

Reward? Chickens.

They play, and it comes down to Sly Russell vs. Dave. Sly is actually very adept at this game, but Dave pulls a last-minute horseshoe out of his butt, and once again Galu wins a challenge.

Back at Galu, Eric is convinced he’s going to find the immunity idol. And two minutes of episode time (it’s not clear how long it took him in real time) later, he’s done it. Dave shows the camera how excited he is but doesn’t wish to demonstrate his excitement for the tribe. He probably says “I want chicken” about five times in 40 seconds.

At Foa Foa it’s raining and Jaison is still tired, hungry and thirsty. Russell is convinced that Natalie is going to ride his coattails cause she’s too stupid, and at the end he can will that “she rode me like a horse.” Thankfully during this speech the camera was only showing him from the waist up. Natalie, on the other hand believes she can beat Russell.

It’s 8:25 and still no sign of Jeff. Where is he? Anyway, a chicken gets loose. While chasing a chicken, Eric gets clotheslined by a clothesline. Oh, the irony. Serves him right for trying to kill that chicken. Shambo thinks she can coax the chicken down by clucking at it. Sidebar: Dave looks very scary with his hair down.

Yasmin and Kelly are sitting around not doing much, and then Kelly goes back to tell the rest of the girls that Yasmin is lazy: “She’s here for herself and is not a team player.”

Time for the immunity challenge and we get our first look at Jeff for the night. The challenge is all about stacking blocks, and Galu has to sit out four members. Galu stacks their first set of blocks, and beats them by about 10 seconds. In the next leg, Galu is again in the lead, and Eric is impressively fast, but Monica is slowing down the team as Natalie is making up time for Foa Foa. Sly Russell is also very fast.

As the challenge goes on, I’m cheering for Foa Foa and my wife is cheering for Galu. Can Galu win their fourth straight immunity challenge? No, as Foa Foa wins their first immunity challenge!

Before we go to a commercial, there’s a big cloud over Galu’s head right now (both literally and figuratively).

At Galu, Dreadlock Russell is concerned about Monica’s performance in the challenge, and that she’s treating the game like a trip to Club Med. On the beach, Dave is blaming the loss on Shambo, but Yasmin’s name keeps coming up because of her laziness. Eric wants to keep Monica and tells Russell that people want to vote Yaz off.

Russell boils it down to “cutesiness or performance” — and his tribe had better listen to him or else there’s going to be some serious ass kicking.

It’s time for Tribal. Yasmin says she’s wearing heels because she wanted to dress up for Jeff. Cute. Jeff appears to be partially impressed. Russell is standing up for Yaz, and Monica’s performance gets called into question. Sounds like the tribe is split between the two women, and it’s time to vote.

Yaz gets six votes and she is the first Galu member voted out. Russell looks concerned and Monica relieved.

After the episode it was revealed that Russell actually voted for Yaz. Wonder how that came to be …


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