‘Survivor’ Recap: She Never Saw It Coming

And, oh, that Russell — just how does he do it? Is he a mole?

Last Updated: November 12, 2009 @ 11:12 PM

As the episode begins on Night 21, the tribe is talking about food, and Russell, concerned that he’s next to go, is hoping for a miracle.

The girls are huddled up in their sleeping bags (sadly, no pillow fight takes place) saying how glad they are that the idol was flushed out. “Russell will be gone next,” Laura says.

Natalie stumbles upon a rat, and she is preparing to whack it, both literally and figuratively. She then puts the dead rodent into a half coconut and brings it to camp like a cat would bring to its owners; the tribe is proud of their little Natalie.

Tree mail is here, and there’s a reward challenge coming up. It’s an odd puzzle-like game that has a Braille-like element to it. The reward is a rockslide that ends in a picnic lunch that includes chocolate brownies. Natalie the rat killer is the odd one out, but she gets to choose one team to support. If she chooses the winning team, she gets to go with them on the reward.

The challenge is neither interesting nor eventful and takes up a significant amount of airtime. Zzzzz.

Purple — a team comprising Dave, Shambo, Kelly, John and Monica — wins reward..

The rockslide appears mighty cool looking, and John thinks they’re awesome — killer, fast, fun and cool. Ya know, even rocket scientists sound like kids when they’re playing around. Upon looking at the feast, Monica calls the donuts “ridonkulous.”

Along with the feast is a clue to yet another hidden immunity idol at camp, and Dave only wants to share it with other Galus. He then finishes with a loud burp (which I’ll give a 6.7 out of 10).  Back at camp, Russell is looking for that idol. It seems like he is looking everywhere. And, once again, he finds it! “This might be worth a million dollars,” he says.

Really, is he that damn good or is he a mole planted by the producers? It just seems too easy for this dude.

After commercial, Russell is still bragging to the camera. He pulls Shambo aside and shows her the idol. Shambo kisses him and says, “You got to be s—ting me.” She tells the camera that he is the only one that she implicitly trusts. Shambo wants everyone to vote Russell so he can play the idol and get rid of Laura, who Russell refers to as Medusa.

Time for today’s immunity challenge. It’s another puzzle challenge where they have to grapple hook puzzle pieces and eventually place the pegs in the appropriate holes. The Survivor Challenge Makers haven’t done their job in making their challenges exciting tonight, and this one is putting me to sleep as well.

The final three are Shambo, Mick and Laura … zzzz … seems like Laura is working through it effortlessly and may win, screwing up Russell and Shambo’s plans to take her out. Laura has won immunity and is safe at tribal council. “Russell is going home,” Laura smugly tells the camera.

Shambo is whining to the camera that she’s pissed about Laura’s victory. Russell tells Jaison that he’s got he idol, and Jaison is down with Russell’s plan. Now all of Foa Foa knows about the idol, and Mick and Jaison are singing Russell’s praises.

Galu is strategizing — and did rocket scientist John just say, “It’s not rocket science?” Yup.

Russell is confused as to whether they’ll vote him or Natalie.

Wow, it’s time for tribal already and it’s only 8:46 – 14 minutes left. Hmmm…

When Erik enters he gives the tribe an evil death stare. Dave calls out Erik as a negative presence, and Erik looks like he’s ready to kill someone. Jeff argues with Natalie over whether Foa Foa is actually welcome in the tribe. Jeff keeps probing (get it!?) the Foa Foa members to determine whether there’s a crack in the Galu tribe. Dave rambles on incoherently and I tune out, and it is time to vote.

They are not showing a single vote.

Russell plays the hidden idol — and the look on Galus faces shows they’re in deep trouble.

This is awesome, folks.

All the votes are for Russell so far, and Kelly is the lucky Galu member that Foa Foa has decided to remove from the game. I’ll say it again: This. Is. Awesome.

Even cooler news, the hidden immunity idol is back in play next week, and in the preview everyone is looking for it.

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