‘Survivor': Time to Mullet Over

What Shambo should have been hiding in there was a few votes for Mick

Last Updated: December 18, 2009 @ 9:01 AM

Night 33 and Brett is giving Shambo a head massage – not an image we want to see. She looks like she’s having way too much fun with it.

Day 34 and Brett is spitting out bible verses, while Natalie enjoys having that in common with him. Shambo is talking about her hair, and Russell says: “She should shave her whole head. The mullet went out in the ’70s …” Actually, Russell, it was the early ’90s, but I digress. He then explains to the camera that Shambo stores food in her hair.

For today’s reward challenge, it’s a coconut/rope challenge where you don’t want to drop coconuts. Winning team gets a massive feast and comfortable digs to sleep in. Teams are chosen and Shambo is picked last. Jeff asks Shambo about her hair and what she calls it; she answers, “ Shambolicious, baby” and says she’s been rocking it since 1986. Jeff calls it a “commitment to a hairstyle.”

It’s raining, and Erik from the jury falls out of Shambo’s hair. The teams pull their ropes as Natalie and Brett hold hands and pray to both God and Jesus. When Natalie has a good pull, Shambo calls her a “little bitch.” So ungodlike, Shambo, jeez. Natalie keeps talking about prayer warriors and it’s starting to get a little annoying. Jaison manages to drop 48 coconuts on his second turn, and Shambo is jinxing Natalie; Shambo’s evil hexing seems to work.

Perhaps she’s the devil? Shambo’s horns pop out of her head as Brett drops a crapload of coconuts. I guess Natalie and Brett’s prayers fell on deaf ears today.

Shambo, Jaison and Russell head to their reward and meet a tribe of Samoan villagers. They’re fed a huge feast and treated to a show from the tribe (the Samoan one). Russell is happy with the food and boasts to the camera that their win gives them a leg up on Brett and Mick. Shambo is very appreciative of the hospitality and gives a nice speech to the tribe.

Back at camp, Brett is playing up the nice boy image as he walks along the beach with Mick, who’s obviously showing his short hairs because the top of his bathing suit is being blurred. WTF?

It’s bedtime for Shambo, Jaison and Russell, who are enjoying their temporary crib. Shambo appears intoxicated and is actually bragging about acting like a 7-year-old. Russell talks to the camera about the need to get rid of Brett and Mick.

The next day Russell heads right for Natalie and the two strategize about getting rid of Brett or Mick. Russell thinks he’s still in control (perhaps he’s not too far off with that thought) and calls Brett a “little punk.”

It’s time for the immunity challenge, and it’s a counting challenge where the survivors have to count different items (mostly animals) from six stations and remember the numbers to open a combination lock. This isn’t exactly the most exciting challenge to watch, and my wife and I are left to twiddle our thumbs for a few minutes as I check the score of the Colts/Jaguars game.

Brett gets it right the first time and wins immunity once again.

Jaison turns to Russell and tells him that they need to get rid of Shambo. Shambo sidles up to Russell and he lies to her, telling her that Mick is the one to go. Shambo’s intuition seems to be firing on all cylinders, as she doesn’t trust what Russell is selling her. Russell approaches Brett about Shambo being a close talker and Brett seems skeptical of Russell’s about-face on Shambo.

Brett is anxious and isn’t sure who or what to believe. Russell is unsure whether to vote Brett or Shambo, and already it’s time for tribal.

As the jury walks in, Brett appears to give Monica a flirtatious look. Russell tells Jeff that he trusts Shambo as much as the rest of his Foa Foas. As Shambo talks about Brett’s strengths, Monica gives him a wink. Wanna bet that Brett and Monica are dating right now?

Russell explains that this is the first time that he’s voting someone off that he likes. Shambo looks puzzled. It’s time to vote …

We see: Mick is voting Shambo, and Shambo is voting Mick. Russell arrogantly tells Jeff he’s going to keep the immunity necklace as a souvenir and won’t need to play it tonight. The votes are read and Shambo is voted out.

On the jury, Dave rolls his eyes. As the camera shows all the votes against Shambo, she goes out on a classy note and with a smile.

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